Supporting you as a parent/guardian on your journey in raising a child is important to us. Loving, teaching, and helping your child discover faith is our purpose. Embracing the needs of your family and seeking their fulfillment is our goal. We are here to serve and support you.

From infancy to Pre-K, life is full of change. New developmental stages and accomplishments are achieved as fast as diapers are changed and teeth lost. As parents, we need a place for our children to discover faith and encounter God in and among those stages and changes. Our Nursery leadership recognizes the significance of being entrusted with the physical care, spiritual development, and education of children. Through a variety of weekly programs and scheduled events, we pray that your family will encounter God and know your needs are being met.

Safety, Security and Learning Environment

Your child's safety, security and learning environment are important to us. To make sure needs are met, we...

  • ...use Kidcheck check-in-system;

    (KidCheck is a secure, children’s check-in system that enhances your provider’s security system and simplifies the check-in process. KidCheck helps ensure no one can pick up your child without your consent. More information about KidCheck can be found at;

  • ...have uniformed security officers present during regular weekly events;

    ...require all employees and volunteers to be background checked;

    ...require two adults in every room at all times and restrict diapering and bathroom needs to employees; a picture of the workers outside each classroom;

  • ...make Allerbling Bracelets available. Allerbling™ is a unique wristband that displays your child’s allergic food groups with colorful and cute iconic symbols. You can learn more at; not allow peanuts or peanut products (m&ms, cookies, granola bars, peanut butter);

    ...wash every toy after each weekly and special event with a bleach solution.

Sunday Program
8:15-9:30 AM Childcare for Chapel Service

9:45-10:30 AM Sunday School

10:30-12:00 AM Wee Worship & Intentional Play

Sunday School

At this stage in life, children learn through play and hands-on discovery. Their senses play a significant role as they learn and develop. Taking that into consideration, Pre-School Sunday school at First Baptist is exciting, hands-on, and at times messy. Each month’s theme focuses on our goal of teaching our little ones to Love God (Love God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself. Matthew 22:37-38). Our weekly activities and hands-on learning opportunities make our goal obtainable by encouraging the children to LOVE GOD by inciting wonder, LOVE LIFE by provoking discovery and LOVE OTHERS by fueling passion.

Our Sunday School themes for 2018-2019 are:

(March) Made: God Made Me

(March / April) What a Week: Jesus is My Friend

(May) Hop To It: God Helps Me Do Big Things

Wee Worship

During our 10:50 Adult Worship Service, our little ones have a Worship Service of their own. We gather in our common area, review our theme, explore the day's lesson and sing songs. We also use the experience to teach giving to those in need (collecting offering), prayer (Prayer Bear, The Lord’s Prayer, general prayer), and the importance of community worship. Truth be told, it is a little chaotic, but the children love it and take it all in! As parents, you will hear who got to light our candle (fake), who took home Prayer bear, and who danced crazily during music because experience creates memory.

Wednesday Nursery Programs 
Our Wednesday Evening learning time is broken into two parts.

5:45pm Teenie to Toddler, Wiggles and Giggles as everyone gathers

6:00pm Teenie to Toddler, Cherub Choir, 3-Year Old Choir, 4-Year Old Choir

6:40pm Teenie to Toddler, Bible Adventure Time,

Teenie to Toddler: Birth - 2-Year Olds

For those parents not participating in Cherub choir (birth - 2-year-olds parent and child choir), we have childcare available from 5:30pm through the adult studies.

Wiggles & Giggles: 3-Year Olds - PreK

Little ones are filled with Wiggles & Giggles, and there is nothing better than watching them let loose through movement and song. With the use of Go Noodle, we will set our Wiggles and Giggles free for the world to enjoy. Go Noodle combines development skills and life skills with movement and music.

Cherub Choir: Birth - 2-Year Olds

This choir is designed for our youngest church musicians, ages birth– 2-Year Olds. Accompanied by a parent or grandparent, participants in Cherub Choir use movement and music to develop an enjoyment of music and sense of rhythm.

3-Year Old Choir & 4-Year Old Choir

The songs the children learn are carefully written to ensure they are developmentally appropriate for the child, both theologically and musically. With understandable texts, singable melodies, and interesting accompaniments, these songs help children develop natural singing skills, increased musical knowledge, and spirituality.

3 & 4-Year Old Bible Adventure

"Teach Me to Pray" ~ The Lord's Prayer (February 20-March 17)

Jesus' friends wanted to know how to Pray like Jesus. Children today are just the same. They long to make those they look up to proud and to be part of the "big people" world. By learning the Lord's Prayer, we prepare the children to be part of our Worship services and the Church body.


Rev. Jenny Burns
Associate Pastor of Preschool and Special Ministries

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