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Ruth Demby, Janice Hale, Sandra Perry, Debbie Henderson provided support for Francis and Missy Ward Angalla’s work in Kampala Uganda where they provide shelter and restoration to refugees in Kampala who have suffered violence and trauma. (left) Missy attends training in Ethiopia on Sustainable Living Groups where women learn to save their money together and finance their small businesses.

Havana, Cuba

Bob Williams, Ruth and Richard Demby and six others from our church visit with CBF’s Ruben Ortiz and Pastor Maykel of Jordan Baptist Church in Havana, Cuba to assist in church building expansion and other economic development programs.


In 2018, Tim Knight, Cindy Bryant, Ruth and Richard Demby and four others from our church worship with Jordan Baptist Church in Havana, assisting with a construction project to expand the church’s outreach, education and ministry facilities.

Covid and governmental restrictions interrupted our partnership but we are eager to return and finish the construction project and projects with the Women’s Ministry of the Havana church.




Our Youth take numerous Mission Trips throughout the year, serving through hard work and growing as disciples.  See the Youth page under the Connect tab on this website for more information. Our Sonlight Youth Choir also takes mission trips and you will find more information under the Music tab.


Rev. Ruth Demby
Rev. Ruth Demby
Minister of Missions