September 27: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

September 28: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

About the Emporium

Emporium is the annual shopping event hosted by our women’s ministry and held on the fourth weekend in September. It began in 2007 as a way for the women of our church to minister to people outside its doors. We decided the best way to do that would be an event that would draw people in from the church and beyond for a weekend of shopping for a cause. Since its inception, we have raised and donated over $250,000 to very deserving nonprofits in our community with an emphasis on organizations that improve the lives of women and children. The show generates funds through booth rentals as well as ticket sales and purchases made at our ever-popular Bake Shoppe. Vendors pay $200 for their space but get to keep all their profits.


If you would like to make a donation to Emporium, please click the link below to our church’s giving page and then choose the “Emporium” designation.

Emporium Donation

Beneficiary Selection Process

The Beneficiary Selection Committee oversees the collection and review of applications. Organizations must complete a new application each year to be considered. Applications are typically due by March 31. After the application deadline, the committee members read each application, conduct any additional research necessary, and narrow the beneficiary pool to their top 3 choices. At that point, each finalist is contacted to arrange a face-to-face interview and a site visit (if possible) for the committee, after which they meet again to make their final decision. Specific questions the committee will be considering in the selection process will include:

1) Does the work of the organization directly benefit women and/or children?

2) Is the organization currently receiving funding from the First Baptist Church budget?

3) Are there ways (other than financial) for the Women’s Ministry to support the organization throughout the year?

4) How significant would a donation of $20,000 be to the work of the organization?

After the selection process is completed usually by May 31 each year, each applicant will be notified of the selected beneficiary. Organizations not selected will be invited to apply again the following year. On the weekend of the actual event, the beneficiary is encouraged to set up a display and schedule representatives to be there to hand out information and answer any questions that shoppers, vendors, and volunteers might have about their organization.



Love Your Story

YMCA North Hall Learning Center

Ministry of Caring

Thumbs Up Mission

For Her Glory

Family Promise

Whispering Angels Youth Ranch

Habitat for Humanity

The Partnership for Gynecological Cancer Support

Gainesville Action Ministries

Guest House


My Sister’s Place

The North House

Rahab’s Rope



A feast for the senses and the star of the show, The Bake Shoppe has been a vital part of the Emporium right from the start. Each sweet treat and baked good is made with love and donated by the women (and men) of First Baptist Church as well as other members of our local community, with the proceeds from all sales going directly to our beneficiary. The Bake Shoppe committee begins preparing months in advance for the show and even carried on their labor of love the past two years when the rest of the show had to be cancelled due to the pandemic. Because of their devotion and the support of our church members and our faithful shoppers, we were still able to write a significant check to help those beneficiaries continue their important work.

Our Bake Shoppe Donation Form can be found at the bottom of this page. If you are interested in supporting this portion of the Emporium, please complete the form and send to womensministry@fbcgainesville.org or drop the form off at one of the drop off locations at First Baptist Church. If you are interested in supporting this portion of the Emporium by volunteering or if you have additional questions, we will connect you with our Bake Shoppe Chair, Jan Hensley. Donated baked goods can include cakes/cupcakes, pies, cobblers, cookies, brownies, breads, and cheese straws as well as gluten-free and diabetic-friendly options.

If you prefer not to bake and would like to make a monetary donation, you may do so through our church giving page by clicking the link below and choosing the “Emporium Bake Shoppe” designation. With this option, you will also be helping to support local independent bakeries since the The Bake Shoppe Committee will use this money to purchase cakes for resale at Emporium.

Emporium Bake Shop Donation