The Young Adult Ministry at FBC is has four specific groups to help people connect based on life stage:  Pathways (college through mid 20's), Young Professionals (late 20's-30's, without children), Parents of Preschoolers (or POPS), and the Gathering (parents with kids in elementary-middle school). Our purpose is to provide opportunities for you to connect with the Gospel and one another.

What does it mean and look like to be a disciple of Christ in the world today? How do the teachings of Christ matter in my day? What is the function of the Church in our modern world? Our community of Young Adults is exploring these questions and we're growing as disciples because of it. We genuinely welcome anyone, from any walk, to be part our community. The climate here is one for growth. We want to walk beside you as you find your own way, through questioning and learning, to a better understanding of God.

We have many different Bible studies that meet at various times during the week. Come learn. We have leisurely social opportunities every month. Come connect. We serve in our community. Come give back.