Why Foster Care? from FBC Gainesville, Georgia on Vimeo.

The shortage of foster parents in Hall County is severe. Though at any given time there are between 175 and 200 Hall County children in foster care, there are only enough foster homes to place a handful of them. The rest are mostly placed in far off counties or even in hotels.  Children rescued from abusive or neglectful situations need a safe place to stay while their future is determined. Your home could be that safe, loving place for children who are hurting and vulnerable, either through becoming a foster parents or providing respite for foster parents. Is God calling you to transform the life of a child through the love of Jesus?  Fostering exposes children to spirituality, healthy family functioning, and to the love of God.  God has adopted you as His child and heir; here is a chance to give someone else the same opportunity. Fostering allows us to help shape a life, a family, a future.

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