Who We Are 

In 2019, our Church moved forward into a stable, Pastoral Interim Year. We’ve called Dr. David Hull, our Interim Pastor, to lead our Ministers and Congregation in the ministries that serve our Lord Jesus, and share his love with our community and world. While our Pastor Search Committee seeks God's next Pastor for our church, we remain a diverse, welcoming and busy family of faith, serving Jesus first before any other principle or priority.

We believe that our Church’s future is firmly in God's loving hands! While we wait and God works behind the scenes, our job is to be faithful to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the living out of his Kingdom Command, to love God with our entire hearts, minds and souls, and all our neighbors as ourselves.

Where We are Headed

God has blessed FBC with great resources in buildings, location and talented, dedicated members from every walk of life in our community. Building on these strengths, we plan to continue and improve our Missions and Outreach ministries to those suffering from addictions, homelessness and poverty, as well as to non-English heritage children and adults. Inspiring Christian Music will remain a priority in our Worship Services, as well as a focus on Jesus and God's Word in our Sermons, Classes and many member-led Bible Study Groups throughout the week. We'll continue to host many of our community's Non-Profit Events, and support the physical health of our church and community members at our Family Life Center.

What this Means for You

All this is to say that you, as a fellow child of God, truly are welcome at FBC, however life has shaped you. You don't have to be perfect or 'clean up' to be treasured, by God or us. "Come, follow me, and I will make you fishers of men... and give you abundant life," Jesus proclaimed to his first disciples. At FBC, we have heard his call and beiieved him, and know the joy of walking beside others who follow him, every day. We hope God leads you to join us!  

Kent Murphey, Executive Pastor