Who Is Jesus, To You?


At First Baptist, we’re always discovering more about Jesus through Bible Study, Worship together, Prayer and Serving others. At some point, most of us realized that to be a part of God’s eternal Kingdom,we needed to accept Jesus as our Savior, and decide to follow him as the Lord of our lives. Having done that, we believe it’s our job to Grow to be more like Jesus in every way, not only in ways that are convenient to us. We see that this is what it means to be a true Christian, in more than name only!

One of the greatest lessons taught by Jesus is that we should care for one another in Christian love. We love, because Jesus first loved us. So at First Baptist, we sincerely want to reach out to one another, to know and be known with respect and forgiveness. We also work to have God’s Heart for people in need, not only through our mission programs, but also in one-on-one ministries where we can help and support individuals on a personal level.

So if you already know everything there is to learn about Jesus, and are following him perfectly, we just might not be the right church for you!

But if you do want to discover more about Jesus, then you can be sure that you’ll find others like you here. We’d love to meet you! Contact us, or Visit us, won’t you?