Transition Team Updates


What’s a Transition Team?

When FBC’s Pastor, Dr. Bill Coates, retired in August, 2018, the church appointed its Minister of Administration, Dr. Kent Murphey as it Executive Pastor, and its Minister to Families, Kellie Denton, to Supervise the church’s age-related Family Ministries.

At the same time,our Deacon Body elected a small group of current and former Deacons to help guide the church during its ‘Transition,’ its Interim between Pastors

The Transition Team consists of the current Chairs of the Deacon Body and Personnel Committee, three former Deacon Chairs, and two current deacons representing Young Adults, along with Murphey and Denton.

The Transition Team meets more than once a month, while the Deacon Body and other committees meet less frequently. Therefore,and evolving issues and necessary decisions can be considered by church leaders on a more timely basis.

Any decisions by the Transition Team are reported to the Deacon Body at their next Deacon Meeting.

What’s the Difference between the Transition Team and the Pastor Search Committee?

It’s easy to confuse these, since both groups were formed during FBC’s Interim, and will dissolve when a new Pastor arrives at FBC. Think of it this way:

The Pastor Search Committee only exists to find FBC’s next Pastor. Managing the ongoing ministries of the church in the meantime is not its job.

The Transition Team has absolutely nothing to do with selecting FBC’s next Pastor. Its only job is managing the ongoing ministries of the church until FBC’s next Pastor arrives.

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