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Transition Team

November 25, 2018

Dear Church Family;

A lot has happened in the life of our church and family this last month.  As I write to you listening to the rain against the house now for the 5th day in a row I’m reminded of the passage of scripture in Matthew 7:24-29 about building on the Rock.  Remember that church preschool song  “The Wise Man Built his house upon the Rock and the rains came down, and the house founded on the rock stood firm”?    We are a strong church with many talents and we are called to be His ambassadors, to represent His message and His character in whatever circumstances we find ourselves.  We are looking ahead as a church family and these are some things we can be excited about;  a strong and encouraging staff, a vibrant music ministry with the Living Christmas Tree right around the corner, friendly and open church members that love God and our church, active children and youth ministries and a new interim pastor  – David Hull.

It was voted on in the Deacons Meeting last Sunday unanimously for David Hull to be a part-time interim.  What does that mean?  David is from Kentucky, graduated from Vanderbilt and the Southern Baptist Seminary in Kentucky.  He has pastored churches in Kentucky, NC, Knoxville, TN, and Florida.  Since 2014 David has been with The Center for Healthy Churches as he felt a strong calling to counsel churches through change, crisis or transition.  David’s wife and daughter are both ministers.  I’m looking forward to you meeting him if you didn’t have a chance the Sunday before last after his sermon.  David will preach at our church 2 Sundays a month and the other Sundays we will continue with the rotation of Bruce Morgan, Jim Ramsey, Ron Grizzle, and others.  David will not only preach 2 Sundays a month, but he will also advise the church staff, attend Transition team meetings (not search committee) help with church planning, guide us through healing.  David will preach again on December 16th.  

The Transition Team chaired by me and made up of the following fine individuals with emails for you:  Kent Murphey, Kellie Denton, Don Brewer, Cathy Bowers , Jeff Boggan, Charlie Strong, Jeannine Callahan, Larry Baldwin , and Brooke Burt  As a reminder was formed as a resource to provide guidance and a sounding board for our church and staff during this time of transition.   We have been meeting every other week and discuss topics like improving communication,  feedback from you, feedback from the various church committees, ideas on membership, and budgeting in conjunction with our stewardship committee.  Thanks to everyone that completed the survey we will extend it another week due to your feedback.  Soon the Member Engagement Team of Chris Cosper, Benjamin Garner, David Smith, and Brooke Burt will share the results of that survey with you.   Your feedback will help us all to continue to grow as a church and we will share that feedback with the Search Committee.

Look for news in the upcoming newsletter from Matt Nix (  the Search Committee Chairman alongside Jim Harrison ( the vice-Chair of Deacons. The search committee is intentionally separate from the Transition Team.

During a time of transition it can be easy to lose our footing as we stand the winds of change and I want to encourage you to stay strong in His word, be the voice of blessing when others express frustration, write a note, call or text a church member that you haven’t seen in church and continue to give your tithes and offerings.  “Honor the Lord with your possessions, and with the first fruits of all increase; so your barns will be filled with plenty.” Proverbs 3:9-10.   You have been called to be the look on His face, the tone of His voice, and the touch of His Hand.  You are to represent His presence and His Love.  You are placed where you are to make His mercy and faithfulness visible and concrete.” David Trip New Morning Mercies (my favorite devotional book).

I’m praying this verse every day for you and our church:  “Encourage each other daily and increase and abound in love to one another and to all.”  1 Thessalonians 3:12 and Hebrews 3:13

In Love,

Tina Maddox

Deacon Chair


The Transition Team’s purpose is the following:

  • Move deliberately and intentional, guiding the church and the ministerial staff alongside the soon to be formed search committee during the transition.
  • Gather feedback from our congregation on our church’s strengths
  • We are not the Pastor Search Committee. We are working to ensure a smooth interim and transition period.
  • Areas we are working on and want to hear from you: Communication, Listening Groups, engaging young adults.

The following individuals are your transition team. Please call us, ask us to speak at your Sunday School class, invite us to dinner, and include us in your friend group – we love the church, and we want to hear from you.

Please reach out to us:

Tina Maddox

Deacon Chair, Transition Team Chair


Email Tina

Judge Larry Baldwin

New Active Deacon


Email Larry

Jeff Boggan

Past Deacon Chair


Email Jeff

Cathy Bowers

Former Deacon Chair, Active Deacon


Email Cathy

Don Brewer

Former Deacon Chair, Active Deacon


Email Don

Brooke Burt

New Active Deacon


Email Brooke

Jeannine Callahan

Personnel Committee Chair


Email Jeannine

Kellie Denton

Associate Pastor


Email Kellie

Kent Murphey

Executive Pastor


Email Kent

Charlie Strong

Former Deacon Chair, Active Deacon


Email Charlie


September 10th, 2018

Dear Church,

I wanted to give y'all an update from the Transition Team.

Just a little about me – Andy and I moved here 28 years ago and joined the church one week after moving to Gainesville and returning from our honeymoon. I love this church and all of you that have walked with us, prayed over us and loved us through so many life challenges, including helping us raise our three sons who were baptized here – thank you.

Your transition team has met three times. We were formed to prepare the church for change, and we are outlining our church’s strengths, challenges, and experiences as we all prepare for the search committee. The transition team is different than the search committee. The next step regarding the search committee will be when Jim Harrison (678)-316-1662, vice chair of the Deacons, will meet with our church’s Committee on Committees to take nominations for the chair of the search committee. The search committee chair nomination will come to you in the form of a church conference. These are exciting times as we prepare for the future, and I also understand from experience that transition is frightening and unsettling. We are here for you and our excellent, Godly, hard-working ministerial staff. Our future is bright and exciting.

These are the areas that the transition team has heard are important to you: improve church communication – soon you will see pew cards as we update your email and physical addresses. We need to listen to everyone from our diverse congregation and thus we are forming listening sessions so that we can capture your concerns and ideas. It is important to you that we emphasize and build on our young adult population. Lastly, the critical work of filling the pulpit – should we fill it with talent or should we consider an interim? The idea currently for the Sunday ministers is to use our talent, and we have heard overwhelming feedback on how much you have enjoyed hearing from Bruce Morgan, Ron Grizzle, and Jim Ramsey.  We heard you tell us that you would like to see women in the pulpit. You will be happy to know that Elizabeth Burnette will deliver our sermon the first Sunday in October!

Now more than ever as a church family I want to encourage and pray that we move past the labels– be it conservative, liberal, moderate, young, or old and strive to remember first we are a family of believers in Jesus Christ all on the same journey. You are such a loving and encouraging congregation, make time to seek others out and listen to their ideas as we transition and look for things that unite us as a congregation.

With love and this prayer for you:

"And may the Lord make you increase and abound in love to one another and to all.  Finally, then, encourage each other daily." 1 Thessalonians 3:12-13. 4:1

Tina Maddox
Deacon Chair & Transition Team Chair