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Youth Covenant

The FBC Youth Group wants to be authentic about seeking God, learning what it means to live as a community of believers, and wants to build deep relationships with God and one another. 

FBC Gainesville youth group believes:

  • Everyone is welcome, wanted, and included.
  • Relationships are built on love, trust, and respect. 
  • We should show an abundance of grace to everyone we meet.
  • God calls us to serve others.
  • We will create a safe place for everyone to worship and grow closer to God. 
  • We respect each other in word, action, and deed
  • We are open minded to new ideas, new cultures, and different personalities
  • We want to deal with conflict and disagreements before they get out of hand. 
  • We admit when we are wrong and ask for forgiveness
  • We trust God in all things as our faith grows.  
  • We want to create Safe Environment
    • No Drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products at youth events
    • No Bullying
    • No Exclusive Relationships (No cliques, don’t be afraid to make new friends; this doesn’t mean you can’t date)


This covenant is made in order to have clear communication and expectations of the hopes and beliefs of FBC youth group family. It will be monitored and upheld by all those who are part of the FBC youth. If these promises are not kept then the “situation” in question will be brought to the youth minister and if it affects the entire group will be brought before the youth council representatives, in order for there to be a discussion and appropriate actions taken for that situation.

All those who promise to keep and live up to these expectations show their love and commitment to the FBC youth group by signing this covenant.

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