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Pastoral Counseling

In this modern day, we often benefit from wise counsel, an objective opinion, or simply a listening ear. The Pastoral Counseling Ministry at First Baptist is a new program that I'm honored to serve. Whether you or someone you care about needs marriage/relationship counseling, pre-marital counseling, or help during life's transitions or while grieving a loss or divorce, this program is designed to provide you with immediate, confidential counseling in a comfortable atmosphere. My educational background and experience has prepared me to aid you with competent techniques that will enhance your relationships and offer support during difficult times.

Services are provided on a sliding scale basis. Please email to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Andrea Cook
Pastoral Counselor

A Slice of Life

Dr. Andrea Cook
Sometimes life hands us a big slice, almost more than we can chew. In the handling of circumstances that throw us off kilter, we have choices.  We can curl up in a ball and hope the storm passes. We can talk to our hair dresser, bartender. or friends in hopes they will offer solutions.  We often eat more "comforting" food, sleep less for worrying, and bark at those we love, all in the process of coping with the struggles of living. 
Whether it is a culmination of little things, or one big, challenging life event, I have found that we are often unskilled at handling the slices that life gives us. Many of you are juggling several life changes at once, whether it is an illness, a job change, a move, the blending of a family, or the loss of someone you love. I find that we succeed at change when we are patient and deliberate, when we entertain wise counsel, and when we seek God above all else.  As your pastoral counselor at First Baptist, I have found that we, as a congregation, are blessed, wise, loving, hard-working, faithful, and HUMAN. When I look around on Sunday morning, I see the faces of real human beings, coming to worship and serve Our Father, while also hoping for solace, mercy, and help in our brokenness, in dealing with hardships and mistakes. We crave the comfort and enjoyment of God and others and yet, at times, we feel very lost, lonely, and incomplete.
There is such power in talking about your burdens, resolving your heartaches and challenges. We can help improve your marriage, parenting, or other relationships. We will help you deal with trauma, illness, and loss. If you are experience big change, good or bad, and want to talk it over, we are here. It is a blessing to have counselors at church who care about you, are praying for you, and can offer solutions, all while maintaining your privacy. At First Baptist, we offer Pastoral Counseling for our members and community on a sliding scale basis so that no one has to walk alone through difficulties.  When the slice of life you're dealing with seems too large, please call us and we will help you talk it out and work on resolutions. If Counseling is not for you, a Stephen Minister can also help you through good listening and prayer. We want to always remember that you are never alone.  God is with you and so are we!