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Sunday Bible Studies


Sunday Morning Bible Study is your chance to re-discover Bible stories you learned as a child through the lens of your adult experiences. Or, if you are newly discovering the Bible, Sunday Morning Bible Study will equip you with foundational stories from the Bible important for living a life patterned after Christ. Sunday Morning Bible Studies start at 9:45am.


         Parents of Preschoolers (POPs)          Room 206

         Pathways (College)                               Room 204



         Chapel Class                                    Chapel

         Covenant                                         Room 202

         The Gathering (Parents)                Room 201

         Good Shepherd                               Banquet Hall Lobby

         Grace Fellowship                             Room 203

         Kindred Spirits                                 Room B-18

         Oasis                                                 Room 234

         Sacred Conversations                     Room 205

         Seekers                                             Room 241



         Anglers (Men)                                 Room B-16

         Friendship                                       Room 208

         Gleaners (Women)                         Room 237

         Joy (Women)                                   Room 231

         Koinonia (Women)                         Room 233

         T. Richard Davis                              Parlor

         Winsome (Women)                        Room 115


YOUTH                                                  Nix Auditorium


CHILDREN                                             Children’s Wing


PRE-SCHOOL                                        Pre-school/Nursery Area


PAULOS - SPANISH ADULTS               Room B-14


VIETNAMESE ADULTS                         Room 215


VIETNAMESE YOUTH                          Room 209A