Nursery - Basic Procedures

When you arrive you will be greeted by one of our volunteers. They will ask the age of your child, and direct you to your child's class. Birth to two years old classes are on the Nursery hall and the children are signed in there. The three and four year old classes are in the Children's Hallway and they are signed in there.

You will meet Jenny Burns, our Associate Pastor of Preschool Ministries. Jenny will provide you with a form to register your child in his/her class. If there is time before service starts and when your child is settled in, Jenny will provide you with a tour and explanation of our Nursery program.

Before leaving your child in the nursery area, you will be required to sign your child in, indicate which of the services or Sunday School Class you will attend and obtain a beeper so you can be contacted should we need to reach you. Should your child be experiencing some separation anxiety, we will ask how long you prefer us to wait before contacting you. Our intention is to first comfort and calm the child and only if we are unable to, we will contact you.

While your child is in a nursery class we will: provide toys and activities during play time, a Sunday School lesson and songs during the Sunday School hour, and crafts related to the days lessons in the last hour of Church. Your child can attend one or all three hours of Nursery time.

Our care givers provide snacks during the morning of apple juice, animal crackers and Cheerios. Special attention is given to children with allergies and we respect the parents request to provide only snacks brought in by them. We encourage all parents to provide a child's own Sippy cup. Diapers are checked and changed at least once during each hour your child is in the Nursery.

All the nursery toys are sanitized after use and the entire room is cleaned and sprayed in an effort to maintain a healthy environment. Plush and fabric toys are prohibited due to easy contamination.

Safety and Security are very important to us.

During your child's stay in the nursery, qualified, paid care givers who have gone through a background check, and parent volunteers tend to your child's needs in a loving, caring manner. Should an accident occur, you will be notified immediately. An incident report is made out with all facts and details and provided to you and the church administration staff.

Every room in the nursery is equipped with a surveillance camera that records all activities in the rooms, every day, all day and night. These tapes are kept on file for future reference if needed. All doors are closed to prevent children from wandering into the main halls.

When services end and you return to the Nursery for your child, you will return the beeper, and go to your child's class where the care giver will return your child's belongings and any craft that was made that day. They will also release your child to you. Any alternate person getting your child will be questioned unless recognized by the care giver or given special permission from you.