Stephen Ministry - Meet Our Caregivers

Stephen Leaders
Rev. Bruce Fields
Wayne Nelson
Bob Page
Nancy Page
Lynne Hanson
Bill Wittel

Stephen Ministers
Terri Armour
Sharon Abernathy
Janet Bass
JoAnn Bagwell
Lucy Bagwell
Kay Bell
Debbie Clark
Betty Clausen
Marsha Corbin
Frankie Davis
Kent Easterday
Elizabeth Hall
Janice Hale
John Hill
Malissa Hill
Hop Hopkins
Ken Kirkpatrick
Robin Krick
Art Kunzer
Kay Kunzer
Mary-Rose Lowry
Janice Ludwig
Paula Moore
Tom McAllister
Mac McCahan
Lyn McCahan
Rebecca Samples
Judy Smith
Rennie Stephens
Sharon Underwood
Julie Henderson Weaver
Fleming Weaver
C.J. Wehmiller
Melly Williams
Lin Zoller

Stephen Ministers are committed Christian people who...
- Express God's care through their lives to others
- Receive 50 hours of initial training in important caring ministry skills and concepts
- Are commissioned as Stephen Ministers after completing their initial training
- Visit another person regularly to offer Christian support and care
- Participate in regular support under the guidance of trained Stephen Leaders
- Serve for at least two years
- Receive continuing education and skill building throughout their years of service