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Why We Give


“To us, First Baptist Church provides a foundation for the development of our family’s life. We are very grateful for the many blessings the church has provided us - as individuals, as a couple, and as a family. It is a place of love and learning filled with people who share our reverence for God. We gladly make our monthly tithe a priority because we believe God is the source of our blessings and strength.  We want to demonstrate that same priority and faithfulness in our deaths as we are striving to in our lives, and for that reason have included First Baptist Church in our wills.”

Laurie and Bo Weber, and son Duke




“Most of my life I have been a member of First Baptist Church and a tither wherever I have been. When I was a member of a smaller church a tithing emphasis convinced me of what can be accomplished for the cause of Christ through the church. My will states that a tithe of my estate goes first to Gainesville First Baptist Church and then elsewhere. Already I have been blessed over and over again and want others after me to experience the same.”

Frances L. Brown


For our family, this church and the people serving it have had a hand in almost every aspect of our family life. This includes caring for our children in the nursery, educating us in Bible studies, providing opportunities for service, and inspiring us to share God’s love with our community through music and missions. As a couple with young children, we have recently begun to give thought to our will.  Because this church is such a part of our family and because we believe in the work this church is doing in the world, we plan to include First Baptist in our will. Any investment in this church goes beyond what we will see in our lifetime, and we want to be a part of that.”

Brooke and Preston Burt, Ella and Audrey



“If you are under 50, you are not too young for this! We originally prepared our wills in our 20s when we were married but before we had children. Now our family has grown, and as we enter our 40s we are revising those wills to reflect the many changes in our lives since the wills were first drafted. It’s never too early to establish an estate gift to First Baptist and return God’s blessings even after you are gone. First Baptist Church has been our family’s church and spiritual home for five generations. God blesses our lives daily with his Word, the strong ministry and amazing work of this Church, and the wonderful fellowship of our congregation family. Make it your goal this year to include First Baptist in your estate giving...what a gift First Baptist Church is to us!”

Kristin and Brian Daniel, Stuart and Callie



“First Baptist Church’s effect on our lives is so thoroughly positive, redemptive, and lasting.  We give faithfully to this church weekly in tithes and offerings, and we give gladly and eagerly. But we want to give more - out of sheer gratitude to God who blessed us and brought us here. So, First Baptist Church is in our will in order that we can continue to give to God and this congregation long after we’re gone. We want God to use our resources to bless our children and grandchildren, along with many,
many others, in this place.”

Claire and Bill Coates