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Planned Giving

We’ve all driven past an empty country church or vacant, city church building where worship once filled the walls, but no longer occurs. The sobering truth is, all churches live today on the gifts of their members, and will decline and die tomorrow if their members stop giving. We believe that God is eternal and we have seen that people and their churches aren’t.

First Baptist Church of Gainesville stands out as a church that has thrived across centuries because of its true and faithful members. Each generation has journeyed through its own seasons of joy and tragedy, but always remembered their priority… their commitment to Jesus Christ through the ministries of our church. We may not know them by face or name, but we worship, grow and serve upon their foundation of faith. We have seen that God continues to change lives and bless us here today because of their vision and faith, as well as ours.

We’re asking you to do something unusual you may have never done… to think of what you want your church to become, beyond your own life here among us. We’re asking you to consider whether there is something you might do today that would help support the ministries of your church after you no longer can give in our ‘today.’

Planned Giving is a name for the different ways we might decide to support the future ministries of our church. Planned Giving costs little or nothing today, but when people like us make planned gifts to our church now, it’s as if we have added another fresh brick to the foundation we will pass on to the believers who will follow us. We may never know them either by face or name, but now through Planned Giving, it can be our vision and faith that will ensure that God’s blessings continue to change lives, at our First Baptist Church.