FBC Day School - Philosophy

First Baptist Day School is a child-oriented teacher-directed atmosphere in which each child is given opportunity in a Christian environment to develop to his greatest potential.

We believe that each child is a unique individual with special talents and abilities and should be treated as such.

We believe a sound program of early childhood education should focus on all areas of development. No one area-social, emotional, physical, or intellectual-should be emphasized to the exclusion of any area.

We see all children as worthy individuals, capable of success and we strive to instill in all children a positive self-image and confidence in their own abilities.

We believe that children have a natural curiosity and desire to learn. Our teaching should capitalize on these characteristics, knowing that solid foundation in the early years is basic to future success in learning.

We believe that children deserve to be children and that they should be provided a good environment for learning. Teachers should be enthusiastic, supportive, loving, and understanding and the child should have the same support at home.

We believe that a teacher should instill in children a desire for learning, encouraging them to become independent thinkers.

We believe that the school and home must work together. We encourage parental interest and participation in our program.