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Children's Choir

This Year’s Theme: "Choosing God's Way"

Wednesdays from 5:45pm-6:00pm

Cherub Choir

Birth - 2 years old (This choir is for both parent and child!)
Room 131, Director: Alicia Donnell and Bethany Mangus

3 Year Old Choir

Room 138, Director: Leola Ramsey

Pre-Kindergarten - 4 Year Old Choir

Room 143, Directors: Brooke Morters

Kindergarten Choir

Room 103, Director: Abby Boerner

Music Makers I Choir

1st Grade
Room 201, Director: Tami Easterday

Music Makers II Choir

2nd & 3rd Grades
Room 202, Director: Steve Coldiron

Young Musicians Choir

4th & 5th Grade
Choir Room, Director: Mark Green

Music Calendar

June 10, 2016
June 10th-19th Our students will travel to Kansas City, Missouri for choir tour. Please pray for...
June 19, 2016
7:00pm in the FBC Sanctuary. Our Sonlight youth choir will be returning this afternoon from their...
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